Empowering the Planet with Affordable Solar Energy

Invest in the world’s leading provider of affordable off-grid solar solutions for underpowered communities. Access to power leads to brighter futures.

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Invest in Solar Empowerment

Sun King brings affordable light, energy, and employment to homes in under-electrified and off-grid communities around the world. With its pay-as-you-go business model and team of over 6,000 local agents, Sun King is the largest provider in off-grid solar and has captured 47% of the global market. An investment in Sun King will help to expand its reach in Africa from 7 to 10 countries in the next 12 months, providing hundreds of thousands of families much-needed access to power and opportunity. 

7 %
Annual Yield
3 yr
Investment Term
$ 500
Minimum Investment
Lighting the Way

Providing Affordable Off-Grid Solar solutions for Over 13 Years

Since early 2009, Sun King (formerly known as Greenlight Planet) has been on a mission to serve the world’s nearly 2 billion under-electrified people with access to reliable, affordable, high quality solar powered energy solutions for light, mobile phone charging, and basic entertainment. 

80 M
lives impacted
50 MW
total solar capacity installed
10 M
Mt CO2 offset
Our Business

Access to Power though Financing

Sun King’s EasyBuy ‘pay-as-you-go’ (PAYG) technology enables consumers to pay for their solar assets through installment payments. This drastically improves affordability and enables more off-grid homes to get access to clean solar energy for roughly the same monthly cost as they were  previously spending on kerosene and candles. Once they have paid for the system in full, the energy is free.

1 M
PAYG solar clients
100 K
Solar Home Systems Financed Each Month
80 M
Lives Impacted
$ 450 M
solar purchase credit extended

Powering communities with Employment Opportunities

Sun King creates large scale formal employment and income- generating opportunities in regions that lack significant opportunities and is building valuable future green transition job skills. The Sun King EasyBuy direct sales network has created income generating opportunities for 20,000 independent commission sales agents.

Global Impact
5 M
homes Connected Wordwide

Today, more than 90 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Central America live safer, healthier, and more productive lives thanks to Sun King’s solar powered solutions.

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Learn more about how you can invest in a brighter world through solar energy. Sun King is empowering the planet by providing affordably-financed access to power and employment opportunities in rural communities around the globe. 

*This is a non-binding indication of interest and does not create an obligation to invest.

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